About Gilad

Gilad Chatsav, born on January 02, 1981, is an Israeli pianist and composer. He started composing at the age of six. At the age of nine, he began his musical education at the Conservatory of Music in Tiberius, where he learned both piano and trumpet. He pursued his education at the prestigious Thelma Yellin High School for Arts, where he studied improvisation with the late jazz educator Amit Golan, and finally continued studying jazz at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, specializing in film score and improvisation under the guidance of pianist and composer Vyacheslav Ganelin. He also attended several master classes with pianist Geri Allen and saxophonist Lee Konitz.
While still a student, Chatsav composed scores for the theatre and short films, among which the movie ‘Lech Shalom’, which won an award, and for the Gesher Foundation, which promotes the Jewish and Israeli identity and culture.

Gilad Chatsav has performed regularly, both in private and public venues, with various local and international jazz musicians and ensembles. He initiated a jazz series in house concerts as well as the first full jazz programme at the Beit Avi Chai cultural centre in Jerusalem, where he played with drummer Bob Meyer (John Abercrombie band) and bassist Ed Schuller (together with Mal Waldron and Lee Konitz), before moving to Berlin, Germany, where he performed with local and international musicians, such as the legendary guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel, and where he participated as a sideman in different ensembles.

Back in Israel, Chatsav has been focusing on developing his own compositions and has collaborated with the main names of the jazz scene, such as Shay Zelman, Ofer Ganor or Amos Hoffman, to name a few. Moreover, he led several projects including Brazilian and world music. Besides appearing on stage, Chatsav is involved in studio recordings and has appeared on national television and major music festivals, such as the Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem Jazz Festivals.

Gilad Chatsav has already released 4 albums under his name. His last album with his trio features Stewart Welch on bass and Shay Zelman on drums.


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